Image is taken from live campaign @Tomas Morato

Could you describe your network/ sites in a few words?

VLink Interactive (VLink Inc.) is a combined marketing communication and creative firm that specialises in digital out-of-home (DOOH) marketing providing our clients with web design, social media marketing, digital content-creating, and others.

We aim to provide a platform for all sizes of marketers, big or small, to profile locations- or place-based on the types of audiences around there and activate mobile and physical place-based media to reach them offline. 

Tell Us More About What Types Of Screens You Have, And Where Are They Located? 

VLink Inc. covers a wide array of DOOH platforms, and these media can be found in the form of digital billboards, malls, office buildings, gas stations, and taxi and bus stops where the consumers usually spend time at. As of now, there are 36 screens located in 9 different places in the Philippines. 

We currently build, own, and operate Outdoor LED Billboards in Filipino metro areas like EDSA corner Ortigas Av., Tomas Morato and Caloocan 5th Avenue, and Interactive Kiosks at Robinsons Malls.

What Is One Thing You Wish Marketers Knew About Your Media Sites/Networks/Locations?

OOH has always been a medium planned below the line, where marketers considered including OOH as an additional medium to their existing marketing plan, provided marketers had an extra budget to spare. However, some digital-born brands like Netflix, Google, Spotify, Amazon to name a few are among the top spenders in OOH – and place OOH as an important part of their marketing plans. 

Why are these digital-born brands so confident to use OOH when others are not? It’s simple. They know that OOH is effective in retaining the audiences’ attention. OOH yields result and are known to be the best primer for anything online. Here at VLink Interactive, we provide innovative solutions for digital media that enrich brand interaction with the audiences. We understand that the most significant factor for a successful campaign is how well it can reach the audiences effectively. 

Which Advertisers Would This Inventory Be The Best Suited For?  

Many brands and companies use DOOH as a way to promote and advertise themselves to new and existing audiences. However, some groups and brands use OOH more than others. Depending on what the marketing objective of the brand may be, we find that brands most suitable to advertise with us are the Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), Telecommunications, RTD Beverages, and Mobile Applications, FMCG brands,  telecommunications providers, Ready-To-Drink (RTD) Beverages like iced drinks and boxed juice, and Mobile Apps. 

How Has/ Will Automation And Availability Of Audience Data Drive Higher Interest In OOH?

These days, there is an increase in competition, unpredictable market conditions, a growing increase in sophisticated clients and campaigns, and changes in regulatory environments. The way campaigns are bought and sold has changed. And all of these must be accomplished in an environment that demands more from less. 

Nowadays, it’s no longer a question of whether asset owners ‘want to’ change, rather they ‘need to’ change in order to keep up with these fast-moving and ever-shifting trends. Audience data and automation technology will step in to aid the process. Media Owners who leverage data and tech will lead the way in capturing the hearts and minds of audiences. 

The OOH environment continues to hold the consumers’ attention, being able to measure and present that audience insights to the marketer, will put the Media Owners in a good position to drive higher interest to their sites. 

Do You Have Any Notable Campaigns That You Want To Highlight?

We had the opportunity to run a couple of campaigns that were served programmatically through Google DV360 in the Philippines. As below:

Image is taken from live campaign @Robinsons Galleria