It has been a difficult year for our industry as we experienced lockdowns and different levels of movement restrictions. Despite this, many of our partners have taken important steps to adopt data and technology across their business processes. 

Here are some of the important milestones and announcements from 2021!

Partnered Media Specialists Association of the Philippines (MSAP) and Out-of-Home Advertising Association of the Philippines (OHAAP) to establish a common measurement currency. Click here for the full article

Launched Philippines’  first DV360-enabled DOOH campaign with Publicis for Samsung 

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Also awarded for top grades for scalability, strategy and continuous investment

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Bringing effective brand exposure and accountability to all clients by accelerating adoption of audience measurement across Primedia Outdoor’s DOOH networks. Click here for more information

Partnered with Anjels Media to enable Programmatic DOOH across 300+ screens installed in affluent residences across Singapore 

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Partnered with Australia-based DOOH Demand Side Platform, CAASie enabling access to our global connected programmatic DOOH inventory 
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Promoting Outernet media measurement through collaboration with Kopitiam, food court network of digital screens

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