Audience Measurement


Acquire & Retain
Advertisers with Data

Audience data lends intelligence to campaigns – give advertisers the data they need to make ad-buying decisions that brings them back for more.

Detailed Audience Data

Intelligent Planning

Audiences for Locations

Smart Campaigns

Location Intelligence

Pick the Best Locations

Better Proposals

Impression-Led Proposals


Increase Sales

Give advertisers high-quality measurement data to plan or measure ad-campaigns

Lower Costs

Reduce the time and effort it takes to gather audience data for each client's ask

Future Proofing

Never worry about audience-data values ever again!

Lead with Impressions

Use impression data to predict campaign performance

Plan with Data

Give your clients the data they need to make decisions

Plan Intelligently

Plan evidence-based campaigns ‘round the year

Choose the Right Locations

Give ad-buyers valid reason to choose your locations

Get Location Intelligence

Understand how your locations perform, to the last degree

Generate Better Proposals

Generate proposals that inform, validate and convince with data