Inventory Management


End-to-end OOH Inventory
Management with LMX

Updating your inventory details should be a simple process, making it viewable to buyer should be simpler.

Instant Inventory Overview

Add Media Assets

Edit Media Assets

View Media Assets

Manage Media Assets

Keep Inventory Updated


Increase Sales

Get accurate inventory data, 'round the clock, to close sales whenever, wherever!

Lower Costs

Manage your inventory easily and more efficiently with little time or effort.

Future Proofing

Never worry about out-of-sync inventory data or using spreadsheets, ever again!

Insightful Statistics

Get OOH inventory analytics for any type of inventory static, digital, or transit inventory

Global Access

Access your inventory from anywhere in the world

Round-the-Clock Access

24 x 7 access to your media assets

One-Stop Shop

All your Media Inventory in one place

End-to-End Management

Add, Edit, Delete and Manage your inventory

Info at Quick Glance

Dashboard for quick inventory overview