Programmatic Trading


Expand Reach by
Supporting Programmatic

It’s not just a question of what is being said, but also when! With programmatic capabilities, give your clients the gift of timing – perfectly delivered, every time!

Industry-Leading DOOH Ad-Server

Connect to Multiple DSPs

Customize by Environment

Target Specific Audiences

Automated Training

Guaranteed Deals

Non-Guaranteed Deals


Increase Sales

Better, more accurate delivery keeps clients coming back for more!

Lower Costs

Find the best timings and solutions with automation.

Future Proofing

Outdoor ad targeting is heading towards accuracy - be there first!

Choose Campaign Timings

Deliver ads only when you want them – and where you want them

Trigger Ads with Conditions

Choose ad-delivery triggers that match your campaign

Enjoy Multi-DSP Connectivity

Deliver ads through multiple DSPs – widen your options

Automated Media Training

Give ad-buyers valid reason to choose your locations

Guaranteed Deals

Ensure that your ad runs when you want it, and where you want it

Non-Guaranteed Deals

Deliver ads at cheaper rates by choosing non-guaranteed ad-triggers