Location Media Xchange Pte. Ltd.

The world's foremost enterprise revenue
management platform for outdoor media asset owners

Our goal has to be to help media asset owners maximize the revenue they generate from their inventory by improving the quality and efficiency of their business processes.

With our proprietary technology, we bring digital solutions for all aspects of your business – from inventory uploads and management to generating data-led proposals, measuring campaign performances and even building the next generation of online media asset owner stores – LMX has a solution for every business challenge.

As a Media Asset Owner, you already have the infrastructure in place to give advertisers, agencies and brands the biggest bang for their advertising buck – we give you the confidence you need to walk into any meeting backed by the world’s best technology stack to handle any request they may have!

With LMX, you are always two-steps ahead of the competition!


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    “LMX is a DOOH technology partner who is able to address all facets of a Media Owner’s transformation needs. We are looking forward to offering existing and new brands a host of value-added services that deliver the required transparency, flexibility and accountability required to attract a bigger share of video advertising spending.”

    NORMAN LEE - Director (Anjels Media)

    “We are highly driven by innovation and are constantly finding new ways of thinking to go above and beyond customer expectations. We are pleased to be working with LMX to accelerate the adoption of audience measurement across Primedia Outdoor’s DOOH networks to bring effective brand exposure and accountability to all our clients.”

    TAMARA VAN EECKHOVEN - Chief Operating Officer (Primedia Outdoor Africa)

    "As a long time media owner, the key to the success in the DOOH game is sales. In comes programmatic with LMX, a solution that promises to not only give 3thirds Inc. that reach to all our existing clients but also extends our site to non traditional clients. With LMX, we see our screens being utilized by non-traditional clients that are executing modernistic new campaign-concepts. Besides, it's always cool to be part of something cutting edge and LMX enables us to partner in a client's growth."

    BIMAL PRAKASH - Director (3Thirds Inc. Sdn. Bhd.)