Measure and Understand the Performance of Your OOH Screens with LMX Measure

Support impression-based sales with the right tool

LMX Measure

Measuring the effectiveness of your OOH screen has become increasingly complex for modern-day marketers who prioritize audience targeting and ensure that their investments are delivering the desired results.

LMX Measure offers advanced campaign forecast and delivery metrics that go beyond mere ad plays by empowering media owners with accurate data on their OOH media assets.

From Data to Discoveries

Decipher Your Data

LMX measure is not limited to direct data from your inventory, it also feeds in from multiple other sources which provide a clear picture of the audience segments exposed to your inventory.

Grow Your Bottom Line

Monetize your inventory and set your pricing accurately in line with the performance of your OOH screens.

Measure the Impact

Make OOH measurable with impression multipliers that provide advertisers with data that justifies their investment

Media Partners

OOH Advertising Made Easy & Measurable

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