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LMX Registry

Whether you own a handful of billboards or a vast network of transit ads, an effective inventory management system is key.
LMX Registry is the inventory management solution for OOH media owners. It keeps a live and centralized record of all locations, availability, bookings, creatives, and campaign delivery.

The Only All-in-One Inventory Management Solution
You Will Ever Need

Real-Time Inventory Management

Ensure your inventory data is accurate to close sales around the clock. Achieve real-time accuracy in your inventory data, ensuring that your sales team can confidently and swiftly close deals around the clock. No more missed opportunities, no more inaccuracies.

Efficient Inventory Management

Manage your inventory easily and efficiently with minimal resources and effort.Streamline your inventory management process effortlessly and efficiently, saving your team time and resources. Our user-friendly platform ensures that you can manage your assets with minimal effort, reducing operational costs.

Optimize Inventory Bookings

Avoid double booking and maximize inventory utilization.Eliminate the risk of double bookings and make the most of your inventory resources. Our system is designed to maximize utilization while preventing costly scheduling errors, ensuring you get the most out of your assets.

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