June 3, 2023

Boost Advertiser Trust: How a Self-Serve Portal and a Reliable Impression Multiplier Can Drive More Ad Spend

The world of out-of-home (OOH) advertising has undergone significant changes in recent years. The industry has evolved from traditional billboards to digital signage. With the rise of digital marketing, OOH has upped its game with cutting-edge technology that caters to the needs of advertisers today.

Digital marketing has opened up new possibilities for advertisers, enabling smaller brands and businesses to access mass advertising opportunities and deliver their message and products directly to their target audience. Advertisers can track and measure the effectiveness of their online marketing campaigns, making informed decisions to drive business growth. 

With the help of ad tech experts, smaller brands with limited budgets are also taking advantage of the OOH opportunities that exist beyond traditional roadside billboards. The one-to-many format remains popular for targeting audiences with little or no digital footprint, increasing brand awareness, and reaching new audiences that are difficult to access online. Furthermore, the industry has found ways to target audiences based on demographics and location, as well as to monitor the performance of every OOH site. 

Data is the key to unlocking new OOH advertising opportunities, and it is abundant these days.

Building Trust and Transparency Between Media Owners and Advertisers

Self-serve advertising using dynamic reach and impression data have made OOH media more accessible and addressable for marketers who would not have experienced the medium before. Advertisers now have greater control over their advertising spend based on the data presented to them by media owners when they plan and book their campaigns. Transparency between the two parties leads to a healthier business relationship that can benefit both.

Self-serve advertising platforms enable media owners to reach new advertisers online who are interested in exploring the OOH industry. A self-serve platform that functions like an e-commerce site allows media owners to curate their OOH deals according to their preferences. OOH assets can also be sold in bundles or seasonal packages according to the media owner’s business plans. Advertisers can access these deals and assets, assess their potential reach and make financially friendly decisions based on their budgets.

Digital OOH (DOOH) advertising operates differently from other digital formats, which typically use a one-to-one strategy where one play equals one impression. DOOH is a one-to-many medium, which means that one play generates several impressions, with the number of impressions varying according to the hour, day, and other OOH-specific parameters. To account for the broader reach of each play on a DOOH screen, the impression multiplier was developed to match this particular audience structure in DOOH.

Self-serve advertising and impression multipliers provide many benefits. They help build trust between media owners and advertisers by providing greater transparency and accountability. They also enable advertisers to get more value for their money by monitoring the performance of their campaigns in real-time. This, in turn, helps media owners increase their revenue in the long run by providing additional services to their clients, ensuring that their marketing spend is justified.

Choosing the Right Partner for Your OOH Advertising Needs

At LMX, we understand the importance of these features for media owners. That’s why we’ve developed a full-stack platform that can help media owners implement self-serve advertising embedded in their websites. This self-serve platform can be white-labeled to each media owner’s preferences and brand identities.

LMX Measure Reporting Dashboard

With our LMX Measure reporting dashboards, media owners can help their advertisers have a view of campaign performance. Media owners will be able to provide their clients with post-campaign reports which can help them justify their advertising expenditures and make better decisions in their future OOH advertising campaigns.

Widen the Reach of OOH Advertising

Having an e-commerce platform attached to OOH media owners’ websites can help widen the reach of OOH advertising and make it more accessible to the masses. Self-serve advertising and impression multipliers are essential features that can help media owners provide better service to their clients and increase their revenue.

With LMX’s platform and products, media owners can implement these features easily and start reaping the benefits right away. So why not book a demo with us today and see how we can help you take your OOH advertising to the next level?

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