June 3, 2023

Build a Strong Customer Base with a Highly Flexible CMS

Out-of-Home (OOH) advertising is ever-present where people spend most of their time. They easily adapt to how audiences move in the physical world.

This is especially true for dynamic digital billboards, which allow for content changes based on what is happening at the location.

In fact, one would argue, understanding your consumers’ movements – where they are and where they are going – is more important than the ad content itself.

There is certainly no point in curating a great advertisement and then showing it to the wrong audience.

It is almost ironic then, that the OOH was a small business innovation used by merchants to notify pedestrians of what they sold nearby.

However, as the global economy boomed, it didn’t take long for the prime OOH real state to become almost exclusive to global brands.

Today, outdoor advertising has gone through an evolution of its own.

There are more assets in more locations, showing more ads than ever.

As flexible digital platforms for buying and selling OOH spaces become more prevalent, the local businesses are flocking back to the medium.

Amplify Hyperlocal Targeting

People like to feel like they belong to something. By having your brand on a tangible form of media that locals see every day, you become a natural part of that community.

No other media channel can give you this sort of hyperlocal brand awareness on such a frequent basis. Equipped with a CMS technology, OOH is able to amplify hyperlocal targeting – ad contents are dynamically delivered to reach the relevant and highly targeted local audiences.

To this end, our CMS platform is designed to be able to address and automate every possible content scheduling for every type of DOOH format and network.

This also enhances real-time ad serving.

All you need is ACCESS to a CMS platform

Local businesses are already comfortable with outcome-driven, easy-to-access marketing solutions.

What if they could use similar tools to offer interactive digital experience near their stores or around their target audience?

LMX Content does just this. You can now choose flexible times to run your ads and increase dynamic content delivery.

With LMX’s innovative supply-side solution, media owners are able to achieve operational efficiency

OOH Advertising Made Easy & Measurable

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