December 15, 2023

Moving Walls at Google’s DV 360 Partner Roadshow 2023

We are thrilled to share the exciting highlights of Moving Walls’ participation at the Google Thailand DV360 Partner Roadshow 2023, a remarkable event that unfolded on October 31, 2023. Organised by Google Thailand, the roadshow aimed to spotlight the potential of the Google DV 360 partners.

The DV 360 Partner Roadshow was a great success fostering an environment for a collaborative symphony of industry leaders to come together and explore the emerging themes of digital marketing.

The presentations at the roadshow were truly insightful, focusing on the impactful roles of different channels which can now be activated through DV360. 

Moving Walls’ unveiled specially crafted packages and exclusive discounts designed to cater to diverse verticals and target audience segments. 

Thailand continues to be one of Asia’s largest outdoor advertising markets. Digital signage has advanced into all sorts of environments from the BTS Skytrain stations to convenience stores and office buildings. 

The Location Media Xchange (LMX) SSP provides the widest reach in this market and our partnership with Google DV360 ensures that marketers can tap into these emerging formats in an automated and measurable way. 

At the event, we also shared case studies that showcased the growing use of dynamic content triggers, such as weather conditions, traffic, and footfall patterns. These additions further solidify our commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions that transcend the traditional bounds of advertising.

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