September 14, 2023

Partner Spotlight: Anjels Media

LMX is pleased to work with Anjels Media, a pioneer in Singapore’s digital signage sector. Through this collaboration, we are breaking new ground in effective outdoor advertising solutions. Anjels Media has adopted our programmatic Supply-Side Platform (SSP) and Content Management System (CMS), thereby expanding their product options.

Q: Can you tell us about Anjels Media and its role in the digital signage industry?

A: Anjels Media plays a pivotal role in the digital signage landscape, specializing in delivering finely-tuned advertising solutions exclusively within Singapore’s private residential condominiums. Our unparalleled presence in this niche market empowers us to excel in providing precision-targeted advertisements. Our specialized focus on private residential screens in Singapore sets us apart. Our primary mission revolves around enabling advertisers to elevate brand awareness with exceptional precision and effectiveness.

Q: Could you elaborate on Anjels Media’s proprietary offline-to-online and online-to-offline system?

A: Our comprehensive offline-to-online and online-to-offline system is a cornerstone of our approach. This system elevates advertising, sales, and marketing promotions by seamlessly connecting offline direct audience interactions with online engagement. This integration enhances consumer engagement leading to retention and deepens brand awareness.

Q: How does Anjels Media’s network of outdoor digital kiosks contribute to advertising success?

A: Anjels Media has strategically established an intricate network of outdoor digital kiosks at prime human-traffic locations within private Singapore condominiums. This network serves as a gateway for prospective advertisers and innovative marketers to showcase their products, services, and engagement campaigns, amplifying their reach and impact.

Q: How does Anjels Media employ digital signage technology to revolutionize outdoor digital advertising?

A: Anjels Media employs cutting-edge digital signage technology with an innovative online-to-offline strategy, revolutionizing the outdoor digital advertising landscape. Our pioneering approach bridges advertisers with their target audience through sophisticated platforms, redefining the concept of ease, convenience, and affordability in outdoor advertising.

Q: How do Anjels Media’s services align with LMX’s offerings, and how do they benefit your business?

A: Anjels Media has subscribed to both LMX’s programmatic Supply-Side Platform (SSP) and Content Management System (CMS). These solutions enable us to seamlessly manage and optimize our digital signage network, ensuring efficient and effective advertisement delivery. LMX’s offerings perfectly complement our mission of providing advertisers with a robust and streamlined platform to connect with their target audience.

Through this strategic collaboration, we are empowered to enhance user experience, offer innovative ad placements, and continue our journey of simplifying advertising for all. For more information on how Anjels Media is transforming the digital signage landscape, reach out to us today!

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