June 3, 2023

Reach More Out-of-Home Advertisers & Increase Revenue by Selling Online

We once depended on fire to communicate with people, using smoke signals, warning them of danger, or asking them for help. From a natural element, we moved to use birds, sending messages to a particular location or person, not knowing if the message was delivered accurately. We then got better at reaching out to people as we discovered new technology to improve communication. We can now reach people in seconds via email or a simple text message. Our communication has become instant. The introduction of automation and the internet has saved us effort and time to get messages across.

Out-of-Home (OOH) advertising, the oldest form of advertising, has seen a similar evolution. From laws publicized on large rocks during early Egyptian civilization to the use of anamorphosis to display 3D advertisements outdoors today, OOH has survived the test of time and evolved with technology to stay relevant. The introduction of the internet has helped the industry break boundaries. Pairing OOH with the immeasurable capabilities of the internet can make the industry limitless.

Why Should Media Owners Go Online?

Having an outstanding online presence can bring you new business opportunities. Clients and new business owners still rely on search engines to discover new agencies and services to execute campaigns. Going online also makes sure that OOH media owners are not just reliant on salespeople to grow their footprint. Once your site details, availability, and booking options are online, you are basically selling your media all day every day.  This is what self-serve advertising can do for the OOH industry. 

Self-serve advertising means having a channel or medium that allows an advertiser or brand to plan a campaign and book advertising inventory without interacting with a physical sales representative or media owner to complete their purchase. Traditionally, media owners would depend on a middleman or salesperson to manage their relationships with advertisers to bring in deals and manually complete the sale process. 

Oftentimes, media owners are not fully in control of the price negotiations that happen between the media buyers and the middleman bringing in the business. The lack of transparency can be unsettling. 

Take Back Control with Self-Serve Advertising

With the emergence of self-serve advertising, manual tasks can now be automated to save time and resources, and the cost to maintain a self-serve platform is relatively low. Media owners can now decide what inventory is published on their self-serve portal and at what rates. Aside from this, assets can be bundled into packages and promotions to facilitate underutilized assets and also attract more buyers.

A media buyer is only required to visit the website of a media owner to make their bookings online. They can plan campaigns based on their requirements, create a proposal, get approval and make the payment immediately without the interference of a sales representative. Media owners on the other hand can choose to use their self-serve portal as a platform that generates leads or to manage the end-to-end process of campaign execution. 

LMX now has the technology required to create self-serve portals for media owners. These portals will be linked directly to media owners’ websites. The portal will be white-labeled to meet the company’s branding and presentation requirements like customized buttons, colors, and logos. Media owners will also be able to decide what is and what isn’t featured on their self-serve portal.

White-labeled Self-serve Portal

Snapshots of a white-labeled self-serve portal

Media owners will be able to manage and track their online deals that come through their self-serve portal live. They will have full control over the campaigns they book and the prices they agree upon. Campaign booking can now go directly to media owners via their websites, removing any form of discrepancies in their booking processes. 

Learn more about how the self-serve OOH platform benefits media owners and media buyers here. Book a demo today to have a first-hand experience of the platform.

OOH Advertising Made Easy & Measurable

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