LMX and MIZET Partner Pyxis UAE to Enable Dynamic Content Management for New Retail DOOH Network

Location Media Xchange (LMX), the Moving Walls Group’s supply-side company, and its strategic sales partner Mizet have announced a new cooperation with Pyxis. This collaboration intends to create an innovative retail Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) screen network with cutting-edge content management technology.

By collaborating, these three organizations will establish a comprehensive content distribution platform for a large DOOH network spanning hundreds of locations throughout the UAE. The network will provide programmatic ad-serving capabilities from the start, effortlessly connecting to key digital advertising platforms worldwide.

Srikanth Ramachandran, Founder and CEO of the Moving Walls Group, highlighted the need to choose a Content Management System (CMS) that includes built-in features for programmatic and dynamic DOOH campaigns. He also emphasized the importance of collaborating with skilled local entities to ensure successful deployment and continuing maintenance, given the project’s broad reach across multiple locales.

Pyxis’ significant experience in tailored event and project management serves as the foundation for the relationship. It culminates in the deployment of a new network of Out-of-Home (OOH) place-based screens in the Middle East, providing clients with a powerful tool for consumer interaction. This network will provide cutting-edge technologies and high-quality displays throughout the region.

Pierre Breton, Manager at Pyxis, expressed satisfaction with the collaboration, citing LMX’s involvement in creating a dependable system that efficiently satisfies the needs of their clients in the UAE market.

MIZET represents the LMX CMS solution in the region. Miz Rahman, Co-founder and CEO of MIZET, expressed his delight in collaborating with LMX and supporting the integration of the LMX CMS on BrightSign hardware. This cooperation, together with their long-standing collaboration with Pyxis in Abu Dhabi, has resulted in the successful deployment of this leading DOOH network.

This achievement is noteworthy not only for the 200+ DOOH media owners worldwide who use these platforms but also for BrightSign, as it represents the integration of their hardware into a notable project, after the company’s deployment of its two millionth media player in 2021.

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