LMX Partners DOmedia to Enable APAC Out-of-Home(OOH) Media Access on BillboardsIn Marketplace

LMX and DOmedia have forged a partnership to make over 15,000 out-of-home (OOH) media assets available for online purchase through BillboardsIn.com, the world’s most popular local OOH advertising marketplace. Advertisers will be able to develop and purchase local ad campaigns in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines, Vietnam, and India starting now.

BillboardsIn’s expansion into APAC countries follows a five-year era of impressive growth in the United States and Canada. In 2023, North American advertisers used DOmedia’s platform to manage more than $1 billion in annual OOH campaigns. Given its prominence in these countries, LMX, a subsidiary of the Moving Walls Group and a leading enterprise software solution for OOH media owners, emerged as the ideal partner for BillboardsIn’s APAC launch.

According to Kohei Adams, Director of Operations at BillboardsIn, “Our collaboration with LMX empowers BillboardsIn to revolutionize the landscape for local advertisers in APAC countries, mirroring our achievements in the U.S.” He underscored the importance of local advertising in driving the OOH market, as well as the mutual benefits of increased ad format accessibility for small businesses and media operators.

Their united goal is to incorporate a varied range of OOH inventories from the APAC region into BillboardIn. The alliance seeks to make it easier for direct advertisers to identify and book accessible billboard inventory across many APAC nations.

Srikanth Ramachandran, Founder and Group CEO of Moving Walls, stated, “This partnership represents the larger transformation occurring within the OOH industry as suppliers link their inventory to platforms to improve accessibility.” He emphasized the importance of OOH media in raising awareness for millions of small and growing enterprises, similar to the function played by social media advertising.

BillboardsIn, powered by DOmedia, is the largest marketplace for procuring out-of-home media in the United States, with an estimated $2 billion in media contracts expected through their software by 2024.

Mike Cooper, Global Head of Growth at DOmedia, remarked, “DOmedia is committed to enhancing OOH as a premier advertising product for advertisers of all sizes.” He underlined the necessity of making outdoor advertising more accessible and less intimidating for small businesses.

The collaboration with LMX broadens the worldwide reach of OOH advertising, providing advertisers with a more diverse variety of OOH stocks while automating procurement and sales procedures. This strengthens BillboardsIn’s position as the top online marketplace for outdoor advertising.

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