Unicom Marketing Launches Programmatic DOOH on LED Trucks Powered by LMX

Unicom Marketing, a well-known event management and Digital Out of Home (DOOH) company with operations in Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, and Indonesia, has announced a relationship with Moving Walls Group’s supply-side branch, Location Media Xchange (LMX).

Unicom will use the LMX platform to add measurement and automation functions to its fleet of moving LED truck screens as part of this agreement.

With over 15 years of experience in diverse mobile event management services, Unicom’s entry into LED-wrapped truck advertising is a natural next step. These trucks provide flexibility and location-specific advertising opportunities, expanding the range of DOOH media options.

The addition of programmable features to these LED trucks increases their attractiveness as a powerful marketing tool, extending DOOH media into new venue types, particularly transportable choices like these trucks.

Unicom receives dynamic content management and customization capabilities by utilizing the LMX Content Management System (CMS). This feature allows advertisers to offer contextually relevant messages depending on real-time traffic conditions around LED trucks or adjacent areas of interest. For example, a fast-food company could use directional creatives to direct pedestrians or automobiles to the nearest store to claim a certain promotion.

Furthermore, the technology provides Unicom with a white-labeled online self-serve site, allowing them to quickly manage and launch campaigns. This user-friendly function simplifies the advertising process by providing a quick and accountable platform for Unicom’s operations. Unicom intends to incorporate this online self-serve capability into the next phase of its cooperation with LMX.

Unicom’s founder, Jason Yong, emphasizes the company’s goal of providing marketers with a rapid, accountable, and dynamic media solution. Given Unicom’s experience with mobile events, he emphasizes the necessity of geographical presence and targeted content delivery.

Srikanth Ramachandran, Founder and Group CEO of the Moving Walls Group, is enthusiastic about the unique collaboration, citing Unicom’s experience of providing specialized mobile event solutions. He applauds the use of a similar strategy in their LED truck advertising solution and takes delight in using the LMX platform to manage, measure, and automate advertising on this unique channel.

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