Digitalize OOH to create the Outernet

Our Technology Platform empowers Media Owners by automating their sales and operations and innovating Addressable Audiences Products which allows them to target bigger budgets.


Digitalize your inventory and workflows

An OOH registry needs to be able to capture all forms of OOH inventory along with connections to make it visible to Media Buyers

Inventory Recording

The Bulk recording feature enables inventory uploading in minutes

Full Control and Visibility

Manage the availability and visibility of your own and external platforms

Connect to All OOH Platforms

Stay Connected to proprietary and 3rd party buy-side platforms

Data-driven proposals that enable your sales force to close deals

LMX Deals Automates a Data-driven proposal generation to Empower Operational Efficiencies without Any Heavy Investment

Wide Coverage OOH Planning

 Static, Digital, or Transit, Every scenario is covered on a single platform

Dynamic Datasets

 Unpredictable movement is no longer a black-box but it transforms into a useful prediction

Deeply Customisable

Custom audiences, brand logos, themes, POIs, and more provided on-demand

Connect to Buyers using Automated, E-commerce, and Programmatic Models

Reach the Largest Media Buyers by Building Global Connections to your Media Assets 

We put you in front of the Largest Digital Media Buyers 

LMX Connect presents a new set of addressable audiences share of mind for Google to take to its clients for incremental reach.

No one should know about your site performances more than you do

As people movement continues to be unpredictable, an in-flight campaign insight is needed for Better Business Optimization 




Industry-Endorsed, our solution uses a combination of signals including proprietary IoT devices to built near Real-Time Audiences for an Inflight Attribution

Equip yourself with advance Content Management Capabilities

Enables Automation Whilst Maintaining a High Level of Security of Future-Proofs for your Media Sites

Automate Dynamic Content Scheduling

Automate operational workflows, and ad Creatives approval based on real-time data and type of content

Give Complete Control from a Single Platform

Available to deploy both public cloud and private cloud options for a complete control

Address to multiple types of OOH Formats

Enables every type of DOOH campaign execution-traditional, dynamic and programmatically served

Offer seamless OOH + Mobile executions of-the-shelf

Goes beyond OOH Channel to deliver Impactful Business Results via Highly Engaging Outernet + Internet Environment

Showcase Priming Impact

Optimize sequencing of OOH and Mobile to improve campaign efficiency

Diversity Offering without Capex

Add mobile extensions to the existing OOH assets by enabling self-serve tools

Connect OMNI Channel Spends

 Extend OOH efforts to multiple digital channels for a wider audience reach

Shopify your Inventory

Scales up your Lead Generation Efforts by Extending your Existing Website Presence to “Shopify” all forms of your Media Assets

Improve Visibility of your Sites

Provide media buyers a transparent and secured platform to explore media sites

Scale up your Lead Funnel

Maximize the campaign effectiveness at affordable cost and small budgets

Hyperlocal Targeting

Manage services to set-up and scale your e-commerce business via hyperlocal targeting

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