June 3, 2023

An E-Commerce Platform: The Solution Media Owners and Media Buyers Need in DOOH

What if you were told that there’s a marketplace now for DOOH solutions where media owners and media buyers to start trading on? Brands looking for the biggest screens in major economic hubs like Singapore or smaller towns like Ipoh in Malaysia can now buy these screens online – like how you’d buy soap on Amazon.

The DOOH industry has been a bit behind the rest of the world when it comes to making their screen inventory available for online booking of DOOH – but all that is changing now!

A neat and user-friendly platform that now enables seamless browsing and buying of your inventory is coming your way.

If your inventory is listed on an online eCommerce platform, then your screens are just a quick search away from your customers! 

What Can an E-Commerce Site for DOOH Bring You?

Having a platform like an e-Commerce site has made direct sales between media buyers and media owners like you, a possibility. You can now put your whole inventory online as a bundle.

Potential buyers can access your screens as a bundle or package. 

If you are looking to split your inventory into individual screens for full utilization, you can upload them as stand-alone screens. 

This will give your buyers the flexibility to choose a specific screen or to buy a custom set of screens for their advertisement. 

An E-Commerce Platform: The Solution Media Owners and Media Buyers Need in DOOH

Just having a brick-and-mortar isn’t sufficient in today’s world. More often than not, a customer will most likely turn to their web search bar to look for the services they need. Having an online presence will bridge the gap for your potential customers.

A simple Google search can bring potential customers to your online store. Getting on an e-commerce platform will create that online presence you need, that’ll make your business visible online, making it easy for your inventory to be spotted.

This will allow you to close sales online, from the comfort of your office or home. 

This system is not only convenient, but it’ll also help you save costs in terms of sales efforts wasted collating and preparing manual proposals and costing sheets.

Generate invoices directly on LMX Commerce

You can cut down on resources used for meeting clients in person and your sales team on the ground can now focus on other key aspects rather than generating quotes or closing sales, one at a time. 

Like all eCommerce sites, your online store will be integrated with a payment gateway

You will be able to accept local and international payments without any interference. 

The system converts the rates of your inventory according to the currency selected by the media buyers. 

This will not only create a smooth and pleasant shopping experience for your customers but it will also enable you to expand your customer base to new markets. 

You will be able to receive your payments almost instantly – and unlike traditional transactions, get it all in one shot!

Here’s Why You Should Subscribe

If you decide to bring your business onto an eCommerce platform, your potential customers will have access to real-time inventory

Any changes made to your screens will be updated instantly. They’ll know the status of each screen you own based on the updates seen on the eCommerce site. 

This will increase your business agility and help media buyers make quick buying decisions, saving time for you and your buyers.

Buying and selling through a screen online is the future! This is a system that will stay updated with new trends and technologies and future-proof your business. 

You will not have to worry about upgrades or updates. The system will always bring the latest features to ensure your business runs smoothly.

Expand Your Customer Base

Having big names like Coke and Samsung purchase your screens is great because they take huge chunks of your inventory. However, you will find that you have small gaps between these bookings. 

An eCommerce platform can serve as a direct link between your inventory and smaller brands or startup companies. You can put up your inventory with discounts and price drops for those short periods. 

This will be a win-win situation for both you and your new customers. They’ll be able to afford billboard advertising while your inventory will be able to get demand from more brands than ever before. You can maximize your profits now.

You will be able to expand your clientele to include smaller brands and screens can now reach their full potential while being inclusive.

If these are things you are looking to achieve with your business and inventory, fret not,  LMX Commerce is the one-stop shop that will take care of everything you see above, and more. 

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