June 3, 2023

Build Stronger Offline Presence for Small Businesses

Outdoor advertising is considered the ultimate drum-beating media channel. Big, bold, beautiful, and now, capable of delivering contextual and real-time-based content.

It has also become accessible for businesses of all sizes, including growing businesses with smaller budgets.

Creating brand awareness with the right audiences is a big challenge for new and growing businesses alike.

Being able to have an outdoor advertising presence not only gives these brands credibility but also helps them stand out over competitors who depend solely on digital marketing efforts. 

To reach the local businesses, media owners need to learn why these SMEs are turning to OOH advertising in order to provide them with effective OOH transactions.

Transparency and Visibility

The sheer physical nature of a billboard placement trumps just about any other ad format. It instantly increases a brand’s visibility.

This is especially important when businesses want to make the jump from start-up to an established brand.

Being easily recognisable is made possible by having the sort of physical presence that only billboards can provide. 

By hosting media assets with transparency and storing media assets in LMX Registry, media owners can increase discoverability among the local advertisers.

This ability is becoming increasingly important because advertisers are viewing multimedia content at growing rates.

It will also make it easier for growing brands to browse media sites that match their preferences and budgets.

Highly Targeted Reach

The best OOH ads are placed in areas where the masses congregate.

Businesses also have the advantage of choosing the locations that their target audiences frequent. 

Outdoor adverts immediately get your brand in front of the right audiences.

Running outdoor campaigns are also fairly straightforward if you have a location and objective in mind.

You can create targeted custom audience segments by looking at your consumer preferences – amplify personalisation in managing and delivering content with an effective content management system (CMS).

LMX Content is the key in differentiating this personalisation.

Together with advanced analytic tools and integrating data feeds, both screen owners and marketers can identify and track their consumer behaviours based on audiences profiles and location intelligence, in which they can easily automate their ad delivery on a more personal level.

What Does LMX Offer?

LMX technology helps you buy and sell media sites in seconds.

You can even upload your content online and book multiple sites without having to locate individual billboard owners.

LMX offers automated dynamic content scheduling and real-time ad-serving for businesses seeking to achieve operational efficiency.

With LMX’s innovative supply-side solution, media owners are able to optimise their inventory management and automate OOH selling and buying processes.

OOH Advertising Made Easy & Measurable

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