June 3, 2023

Promote Active Audience Participation with Location-Based OOH

In just a few months, the COVID-19 pandemic has brought drastic changes into the way people live their everyday lives.

Nevertheless, the accessibility of advanced technology such as big data, artificial intelligence (AI) and more, has allowed OOH operators to combine efforts to provide immersive offline experiences despite the on-going pandemic crisis.

Digital out-of-home (DOOH) has the ability to connect the touch points of consumers throughout the day.

Given the current situation that is full of uncertainties, consumer experience should be prioritized. Covid-19 has unexpectedly accelerated the advancement of digital technology, giving marketers the ability to integrate their business goals, and strategies while offering a rich experience at every stage of the customer’s journey.

Hence, the adoption of content management system (CMS) will be the key for you to promote active audience participation and unique interaction. You should look at it as a part of a larger customer experience management capability.

Today’s highly connected customers have greater expectations and preferences about how and when they want to engage with a brand.

Businesses that deliver seamless experiences will develop trust and loyalty that result in increased conversions, higher revenues and more lifetime customer value.

To achieve these outcomes, you should invest in digital transformation, particularly the CMS that will drive consistency in the customer experience.

Consistent and Unified

The focal point of every OOH player has changed to looking for a more consistent and relevant way of delivering their services and product details.

The integration between a CMS and an inventory platform will ensure the experience you deliver is seamless and relevant throughout the buying transaction.

You should always look for the ability to connect to databases and web services that do not require complex steps.

Branding helps to differentiate your business from others and allows consumers to easily recognize your business offerings.

Hence, a consistent brand fosters trust and credibility towards your business.

However, providing a seamless experience and maintaining brand consistency in customer journey became more challenging given the growing channels on various devices at different times throughout the day.

For this reason, optimising your CMS makes creating consistent experiences possible at each consumer’s touch points and across different platforms.

Flexible and Dynamic

Furthermore, the existing method of content distribution can be time-consuming as marketers are required to tender or propose a selection of locations to distribute content.

Through CMS, marketers will be assisted in deciding the right time and location to display the right content on digital signages for targeted audiences.

Therefore, content distribution and management can be managed more effectively using an administration panel, allowing content to be delivered more dynamically to audiences.

Plus, media owners are starting to realise the needs to globalise their inventory and be the first choice among the media buyers.

A bundle of inventories will become highly accessible to all advertisers and marketers, providing flexibility of the medium to target the relevant audience.

COVID-19 has called for more enhanced consumer experiences since the new norm involves higher usage of mobile media.

Consumer experience has become an indispensable element in prompting marketers to adopt CMS as a solution to encourage audience involvement and interaction.

CMS is an incredible tool for maintaining consistency in brand and for managing and distributing content more effectively. 

For businesses seeking to achieve operational efficiency through workflow automation while maintaining security, LMX Content offers the right solution with automated dynamic content scheduling and real-time ad-serving.

The platform also provides businesses with both options of public cloud and private cloud in order to have complete control.

DOOH campaigns that come in different types and formats can also be supported and served traditionally, dynamically and programmatically.

OOH Advertising Made Easy & Measurable

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