June 3, 2023

The OOH Media Owner’s Guide to Impression-Based Sales

In today’s fast-paced world of advertising, reaching consumers effectively is an ongoing challenge. As technology continues to evolve, so does the way we communicate and consume information. Amidst this digital revolution, Out-of-Home (OOH) advertising has not only endured but also transformed into a dynamic and impactful medium. 

OOH advertising has come a long way since its humble beginnings. From billboards that lined highways to captivating digital screens that grace urban landscapes, OOH has adapted and evolved to capture attention in our increasingly busy lives. OOH’s role in creating brand awareness and generating offline engagement remains significant even in the digital age. The best OOH campaigns have the power to leave lasting impressions that resonate long after the exposure by connecting with consumers in their physical environment.

Despite these evolutions, for marketers and advertisers, measuring the effectiveness of OOH campaigns has been a persistent challenge. Traditionally, measurements were based on traffic counts and anecdotal evidence, which left much room for uncertainty. As the advertising landscape became more data-driven, there arose a need for accurate and reliable measurement techniques to justify investments and optimize campaigns. Marketers needed a way to demonstrate the impact of OOH advertising and justify their allocation of resources.

Introduction to Impression Multipliers

Impression multipliers emerged as a game-changing solution to address the one-to-many nature of OOH, especially Digital OOH (DOOH) sites. But what exactly are impression multipliers, and how do they work? In essence, impression multipliers are an estimate that describes the number of potential viewers of OOH impressions an OOH site may reach.

By leveraging different sources of location data, impression multipliers basically allow OOH to be planned and bought in a similar manner as digital. This data, combined with demographic information, enables marketers to understand the composition of the audience reached. For example, a digital billboard in a bustling city center might capture the attention of a diverse range of individuals, from young professionals to families, each with unique interests and preferences.

Why OOH Media Owners Need Impression Multipliers

Impression estimates and specifically impression multipliers provide a means for media owners to build credibility and trust with advertisers and clients. By offering precise data on the reach and impact of OOH campaigns, media owners can demonstrate the effectiveness of their advertising spaces and foster stronger relationships with their clients.

Increasingly, media owners are partnering data providers and even creating their own solutions to provide dynamic impression estimates. These impression estimates as a basic requirement for any DOOH inventory to be traded programmatically. It enables Demand Side Platforms to showcase inventory potential to advertisers

Even for classic site owners, being able to provide impression based advertising and estimate reach enables advertisers to add OOH to omnichannel media plans. 

Empowering Your OOH Advertising Success with Measurement

As OOH advertising continues to evolve, so too must our measurement techniques. Impression multipliers offer a cutting-edge solution for marketers and advertisers seeking precise and data-driven insights into the effectiveness of their OOH campaigns. 

Here at LMX, we are committed to building the best-in-class tools and technology for media owners to take their OOH business to the next level. With LMX Measure, you can provide your advertisers with best-in-class campaign forecasts and performance reports that will impress and delight them. Our solution is integrated with industry-standard location data inputs, including population, traffic, mobile location, and IoT sensor data, ensuring accuracy and reliability. 

You will have the flexibility to bring in your first-party data or other third-party data inputs as needed, customizing the insights to suit your unique requirements. Our campaign forecasts can be seamlessly included in your proposals, giving you a competitive edge and instilling confidence in your potential clients. Plus, you can easily share online reports or download them as sheets for further analysis and collaboration. 

Embracing impression multipliers is a crucial step toward unlocking the true potential of OOH advertising in the digital age. If you’re ready to revolutionize your OOH advertising strategy and deliver exceptional results to your advertisers, it’s time to get in touch with us. 

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