December 21, 2023

LMX’s 2023 Triumph: A Symphony of Growth, Innovation, and Global Impact

As we approach the end of 2023, join us on a captivating journey to relive the extraordinary accomplishments of LMX—a narrative marked by unprecedented growth, compelling campaigns, and groundbreaking innovation that has reshaped the Out-of-Home (OOH) advertising landscape.

Closing the year on a resounding note, LMX proudly announces a staggering 175% surge in Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) screens worldwide. Boasting an impressive tally of 127,815 screens, LMX has solidified its position as the unrivalled champion in the realm of OOH advertising. However, LMX transcends mere statistics; it is about storytelling. Throughout the year, LMX meticulously crafted and unveiled over 130 million impressions—more than mere advertisements, these were narratives sparking conversations and transforming urban spaces into captivating masterpieces that resonated with diverse audiences.

While in the spotlight, LMX made headlines through compelling partnerships with Media Owners worldwide. These collaborations extended beyond mere business transactions; they were stories seamlessly woven into cityscapes, reshaping the possibilities of OOH advertising. Notably, the Moving Walls group collaborated with JR East Marketing & Communications Inc. (Jeki) to introduce “MASTRUM,” an automated OOH advertising platform tailored to the Japanese market. MASTRUM facilitates ad space trading, ad serving, and programmatic DOOH advertising—a true innovation in the industry.

LMX actively participated as a sponsor in industry forums organized by the World Out-of-Home Organization (WOO), set trends at Google DV360’s events in Southeast Asia, and engaged with enthusiasm in every pivotal industry gathering. Amid the industry buzz, LMX kept up and added its magical beats to the melody. Founder & Group CEO Srikanth Ramachandran conducted two interactive workshops at DDX Asia, a premier showcase of digital display solutions held in Mumbai. The workshops focused on ‘How to Monetize DOOH Media’ and ‘Best DOOH Buying Practices,’ emphasizing the need for media owners to invest in software solutions that integrate media with impressions and audience data.

LMX embraced growth not only in numbers but also in relationships. The company welcomed nearly 30 new OOH media owner partners into its ever-expanding family. This expansion was about creating a global canvas, inviting advertisers to paint their stories across diverse landscapes. A strategic partnership with DOmedia brought over 15,000 OOH media assets to, enabling advertisers in APAC countries like Singapore, Malaysia, and India to plan and buy local ad campaigns online.

Under LMX’s visionary leadership, the group company expanded its horizons by adding more than 50 Wallers globally. This was not just an expansion; it was the creation of a network connecting continents, bridging diverse audiences and cultures through the universal language of Out-of-Home advertising.

The transformative moment of the year was LMX’s mic-drop moment—the launch of their revolutionary online self-serve platform. Envision OOH campaigns seamlessly taking flight in the digital realm, capturing leads and closing deals with just a few clicks. It’s not just a platform; it’s an innovation where every brand and advertiser of all sizes can enjoy OOH advertising.

As we raise our glasses to bid farewell to 2023, let’s cheer for LMX—an industry leader, an innovator, and a maestro orchestrating the symphony of Out-of-Home advertising. Here’s to a year that surpassed mere growth; it was a year of rewriting the rules, setting the stage ablaze, and proving that for LMX, the sky isn’t the limit—it’s just the beginning of an extraordinary journey. Let’s toast to a year well-lived and an even more promising future for LMX!

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