Abu Dhabi Tourism Aims To Intensify Tourism Campaign via OOH Premium Place-Based Screens.

Brand: Abu Dhabi Tourism 
Country: India

Challenge: Abu Dhabi Tourism is tasked with the challenge of preserving and managing their rich art and cultural heritage while attracting a maximum number of Indian audiences to choose Abu Dhabi as their holiday destination.

Objective: Abu Dhabi Tourism has set a compelling objective to maximize tourist visits by leveraging the summer season and strategically promoting their destination through premium placed-based screens in strategic locations across India.

Solution: With the goal of promoting Abu Dhabi Tourism, our campaign strategists utilized the cutting-edge capabilities of our LMX platform to identify specific high-impact locations in India with premium placed-based screens. This strategic selection ensured that our message reached the right audience at the right time.

Taking a unique approach, the campaign was strategically planned in the United Arab Emirates and then launched across 54 screens in India for a duration of 38 days. This allowed for maximum exposure and engagement with the target audience during their decision-making process for holiday destinations.

Results: The extensive campaign, spanning over a duration of more than a month, achieved resounding success by effectively delivering a staggering 2.10 million impressions. Through the strategic deployment of ads on premium placed-based screens in key locations, the campaign surpassed its anticipated reach, captivating a wide and diverse audience.

Utilizing the prime spots of premium placed-based screens in bustling areas proved to be a winning strategy, surpassing the initial projections and capturing the attention of an extensive pool of potential viewers. The constant flow of individuals in these locations created an exceptional opportunity to maximize visibility and engagement, amplifying the campaign’s impact.

By resonating strongly with commuters, food lovers, and travelers, the campaign effectively targeted the most relevant segments of the audience. Notably, a significant majority of the viewers fell within the young adult demographic, specifically between the ages of 16 and 34. This crucial age group represents a valuable target audience for Abu Dhabi Tourism, as they possess a penchant for exploring new destinations and embarking on enriching travel experiences.

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