Tropicana Triumph: PepsiCo’s Innovative Campaign Captivates Malaysia’s Beverage Market

Brand: PepsiCo
Country: Malaysia

Challenge: One of the key challenges for PepsiCo in elevating the visibility and brand recognition of Tropicana orange juice in Malaysia is the highly competitive beverage market. With numerous players vying for consumer attention, PepsiCo must find innovative ways to stand out and differentiate its product from competitors.

Objective: PepsiCo aims to enhance the visibility and brand recognition of Tropicana orange juice in Malaysia, ultimately driving increased sales and market success.

Solution: The solution to PepsiCo’s challenge of enhancing the visibility and brand recognition of Tropicana orange juice in Malaysia was the strategic utilization of Location Media Xchange (LMX). Leveraging LMX’s expertise in location-based advertising, PepsiCo was able to identify and secure optimal digital screens located in high-traffic areas. By targeting specific audiences through these prime locations, PepsiCo maximized the impact of its campaign.

LMX’s data-driven approach and knowledge of consumer behavior allowed PepsiCo to effectively reach its target audience, ensuring that the messaging for Tropicana orange juice was delivered to the right people at the right time. Through precise audience targeting and strategic ad placements, PepsiCo created a strong brand presence and generated heightened awareness among consumers.

Results: The results of the campaign were truly remarkable. With a total of 5,887,828 views, it successfully captured the attention of a substantial audience. The Adult age group accounted for 43.3% of the views, closely followed by Young Adults and Seniors. Among the audience segments, Commuters emerged as the largest group, comprising 38.12% of the viewers, while Grocery Shoppers and Food Lovers also showed significant engagement.

In terms of gender distribution, the campaign resonated strongly with male audiences, who contributed to an impressive 56.85% of the total views. This gender-focused approach helped create a meaningful connection with the target audience.

By carefully selecting the ideal execution time of 12 pm to 2 pm, when people are most likely to be near their screens, the campaign maximized its effectiveness and expanded its reach to a wider audience. This strategic decision took into account peak traffic hours, ensuring optimal exposure. The campaign’s reach, currently at around 1.78% of the Malaysian population, signifies its substantial impact on a national scale.

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