Sony Picture Executes Creative Optimization Ads To Promote The Launch Of Movie – Bullet Train

Brand: Sony Pictures
Country: India

Challenge: How will SONY Pictures ensure maximum audience reach for their new movie launch – Bullet Train in India?

Objective: Sony Pictures wants to drive awareness for their new movie launch – Bullet Train in India by reaching maximum target audiences using Dynamic Creative Optimisation (DCO).

Solution: Sony Pictures leveraged the power of Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) screens in India to execute an exclusive and impactful place-based campaign aimed at expanding audience reach. Through the utilization of our LMX platform, Sony Pictures effectively captured multiple strategic locations to display their campaign.

The programmatic campaign, featuring the promo for the Bullet Train movie, is brought to life on 21 screens using Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO). This innovative display ad technology allows for personalized ads tailored to each viewer based on real-time data.

The campaign ran at train stations near theaters, providing valuable information such as upcoming showtimes and travel duration to the cinema from the specific train station. This dynamic and location-specific approach ensures maximum visibility and engagement for Sony Pictures’ promotional efforts.

Results: During the 15-day campaign, Sony achieved an impressive audience reach of 990K and generated a maximum of 6.5MIL potential views. Notably, our implementation of dynamic creative optimization (DCO) ads in cinema halls proved to be highly effective in capturing audience attention and engagement. By analyzing the viewership data, we discovered that the primary segments who actively viewed the ads were Commuters, Food Lovers, and Travelers. These insights provide valuable information for future campaign strategies and audience targeting.

990K Reach, 6.5MIL Potential Views, 21 Screens

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