June 3, 2023

An Introduction to Supply-Side Platform (SSP)

Advertising technology investments have been moving closer to digital advertising media. This shift hugely depends on supply side platform advertising, where it is responsible for mediating the allocation of ad content in the publishing space. 

SSP advertising platform is an advertising tool and technology that helps media owners manage and optimise their ad inventories.

The platform manages media owners’ ad space information and enables them to automate their inventories selling process, coordinate the supply and distribution of inventory to and from advertisers.

Previously, media owners used manual means when doing any selling transactions.

This requires them to manually assign an ad to each OOH space.

However, with the increasing adoption of digital OOH and programmatic advertising, an effective OOH digital media supply side platform (SSP) is very much needed to cater to a large number of competitive advertisers.

Digital ads comprise nearly half of the world’s total advertising spends and much of this depends on supply-side platforms.

Media owners utilise SSPs to optimise their inventory usage to avoid media wastage and increase cost-efficiency.

A supply-side platform performs a critical function for digital advertisers and publishers.

Without it, publishers would be limited to a small set of advertisers as it isn’t possible to evaluate so many bids without automation.

Working together with and on a similar technology as demand-side platforms (DSP), SSPs take stock of a media owners’ total inventory, evaluate the advertisers and content available, and recommend the best match for every OOH space.

Supply-side platforms evaluate advertisers, set the bidding range, and place the content in real-time.

This happens through several micro-transactions across the digital advertising supply chain. A typical supply-side platform checks each bid until it arrives at the perfect fit, passing from one to the next.

Plus, there are other challenges of not using an SSP: From the rapid evolution of programmatic ads to location intelligence and mobile retargeting – SSP technology has come a long way.

LMX provides an innovative supply-side solution for media owners to optimise their inventory management and automate OOH selling and buying processes.

For businesses seeking to achieve operational efficiency through workflow automation while maintaining security, LMX offers the right solution with automated dynamic content scheduling and real-time ad-serving.

The platform also provides businesses with both options of public cloud and private cloud in order to have complete control.

DOOH campaigns that come in different types and formats can also be supported and served traditionally, dynamically and programmatically.

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