June 3, 2023

Audience Measurement – Justifying OOH Ad-Expenditure!

Planning is the most crucial element that starts an advertiser’s campaign buying process.

This is also the first part of the process where you, the media owner, gets involved.

The trick is to get into the mind of the advertiser and figure out what it is they are looking for.

And what advertisers are looking for, is Data!

The ‘Why’ behind Ad-Spend

When it comes to brands like Samsung or Crypto.com spending money on advertising campaigns, it isn’t about how much they are going to spend, but why!

Online ads have always been easy to explain – the impressions, engagement and analytics provide simple justification for spendings, repeat spendings or cancellations.

It’s not about 100% accuracy either, because every piece of pre-campaign planning data is based on historical campaign performance data – an educated guess you might say – but it is the most effective starting point for any ad-buyer.

It gives them the justification they need to put their money into a campaign – an acceptable outcome that they are willing to compromise on, ever so slightly.

That ‘Why’ has come to OOH!

For decades, the out-of-home industry has been run on broad estimates. The source of these estimates is still historical data – but these sources have been unreliable or inconsistent, and usually not standardized.

For example, a popular data source for footfalls in malls or public spaces would be hand-held tally counters!

Security personnel or greeters at entry points would click away to register walk-ins, which would become the basis of gauging footfall – not entirely reliable considering the number of potential human-error scenarios that exist.

That one example has been replaced with automated counting through security camera systems – a much more reliable way of gathering footfall data.

And that’s the level of justification that has become the norm in outdoor advertising.

Media Owners are Changing the Game

With technology solutions for audience data measurement, media asset owners like you have audience data available at your fingertips!

You can choose your locations, get location-specific audience data and use that as the foundation for building more detailed proposals for advertisers and agencies.

You are giving advertisers and agencies the information they need to make a decision – and by providing that information from third-party software solutions like LMX Measure, you are ensuring that the data is unbiased – and advertisers/agencies know it!

With one simple addition to your arsenal of screens, you’ve simplified the decision making process for your customers, giving them more information than they are accustomed to.

You’re also saving so much time and effort for data gathering, sorting and measurement, that advertisers and agencies have to pay for, otherwise.

What’s more, you are matching the quality of decision making-data that they receive from some advertising channels – like online – and significantly more than what they get from other channels – like print, television or radio!

Removing the Fog of War with Data

When a customer comes to you with an OOH campaign, they are looking for reasons to buy your screens – the best thing you can do is provide them all the information they need to make that decision.

That information is – Audience Data!

With the right tools in place, you can access that data for each and every single location you own screens at, and give your prospects the information they need to become customers.

 Audience data and audience measurement are two aspects that every advertiser needs to justify their ad-spend – and the right tools make you the ultimate source of audience data and information for your client.

And to become that source of information, you need a plug-&-play solution that fits seamlessly into your existing infrastructure and upgrades it to the standards advertisers are accustomed to.

With one click, you can find all the information you need to know whether you are ready to give your customers and prospects the audience data they need!

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