August 7, 2023

Maximizing Out-of-Home (OOH) Media Revenue for the Travel and Holiday Season

As the holiday season approaches, the travel fever is beginning to grip people around the world. From leisure travellers seeking relaxation on the beach to adventure seekers looking for new experiences, the demand for travel and holiday getaways is set to surge. For travel agencies, airlines, and other businesses in the tourism industry, this presents a golden opportunity to attract their target audiences and capitalize on the season’s spending spree. To ensure that their marketing efforts yield the desired impact, incorporating out-of-home (OOH) media into their campaigns becomes essential. For OOH media owners, prepping their business and assets to capitalize on this travel and holiday season can prove highly beneficial. 

Before preparing for the travel and holiday season, OOH media owners must familiarize themselves with the latest trends and market dynamics. Analyzing historical data and conducting market research can provide valuable insights into travellers’ preferences, popular destinations, and emerging travel trends. By understanding these trends, media owners can tailor their offerings to align with the demands of advertisers targeting specific travel demographics.

Embracing Programmatic Capabilities

The digital transformation of the advertising industry has made programmatic advertising a powerful tool for reaching the right audience at the right time. OOH media owners should evaluate their programmatic digital out-of-home (pDOOH) readiness to accommodate advertisers who prefer audience-based targeting and real-time ad placements. Investing in programmatic technology allows media owners to offer greater flexibility, dynamic content changes based on environmental triggers, and accurate performance measurement for advertisers.

Implementing Comprehensive Measurement 

In the highly competitive advertising landscape, data-driven decision-making is crucial. OOH media owners should have robust measurement systems in place to track the performance of their assets accurately, ensuring they maximize their OOH media revenue potential. Utilizing cutting-edge analytics tools enables media owners to provide advertisers with valuable data on ad impressions, audience reach, and engagement metrics. Having measurable results helps build trust and attract more advertisers during the travel season.

Facilitating Direct Advertiser Interaction at Scale

As the travel season generates high ad spend, OOH media owners should focus on streamlining communication with advertisers. Providing direct access to your media assets without the need for third-party involvement can be a significant advantage. This ensures advertisers can efficiently plan, book, execute, and pay for their OOH campaigns. By reducing friction in the process, media owners can attract more advertisers seeking hassle-free and efficient advertising opportunities with their very own self-serve advertising platform.

Enterprise Software for OOH Media 

Among the many service providers, LMX stands out as a technology-driven platform that offers a range of benefits for OOH media owners. With LMX, media owners can tap into programmatic buying advantages such as greater flexibility and audience-based targeting. Additionally, LMX allows advertisers to seamlessly plan and purchase DOOH media within their existing omnichannel DSPs, making the process efficient and familiar for advertisers. Moreover, LMX provides the option to build a customized, white-labelled self-serve platform directly embedded into media owner websites. This allows for direct interaction with OOH media buyers, empowering them to plan, book, and execute their campaigns with ease.

As the holiday season approaches and the travel frenzy intensifies, outdoor media owners have a unique opportunity to capitalize on the surge in ad spend. By understanding the latest travel trends, enhancing programmatic capabilities, implementing robust measurement systems, and facilitating direct advertiser interaction, OOH media owners can position themselves as indispensable partners for advertisers seeking to make a significant impact during the travel and holiday season. Book a demo here to witness LMX and its technology-driven solutions, making it the ultimate partner for OOH media owners to prep their businesses and assets for a successful travel season.

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